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Executive Profiles
Ramiro Galindo
Ram is best known as a successful entrepreneur and business developer. His activities in the real estate industry are vertically integrated encompassing primary land development, self-account commercial construction, and property management. He is founder of Aerofit, a health fitness club developer and operator. His banking activities include the founding of two banks and directorships in three. After graduation from Texas A&M University with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Civil Engineering he returned to Bolivia, his country of birth. There he founded the engineering firm Consultores Galindo Ltda. and the tin alloys industrial plant Bera de Bolivia S.A. He also represented the Danish Government as Honorary Consul and was later knighted by the Queen of Denmark for his international work on behalf of her country. Back in Texas, Ram continued identifying business and public service opportunities, creating viable enterprises and serving on various local and state-wide boards. He is also the author of the book "The Making of an American", his autobiography.
Statue of Liberty
My Creed

I choose to be a free man.
I believe opportunity breeds success, therefore I seek opportunity, not security.
I want the freedom of choice to select my options.
I prefer the beckoning of challenge to a guaranteed existence.
It is my heritage to rely on myself, to be an individual in my thoughts, decisions, and actions.
I find satisfaction in the thrill of accomplishment and too many restrictive burdens in totalitarianism states.
I want to take the calculated risk, to dream and to build, to attempt and to succeed.
If in trying I fail, I ask only for the chance to try again.
I refuse to exchange my right to exercise my initiative for a promise of state supplied security.
I believe in a social system which allows me to face new challenges, to develop opportunities for myself and others, and to justly enjoy the benefits of my creations.
I feel the imperative of compasion and generosity toward those in need.
I find no substitute for freedom.