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The Galindo Office Building
Office Building

Bryan's West Villa Maria Corridor is one its most dynamic suburbs. It originated with the Brazos County Utility District #1, one of the Galindo Group's early developments in this county. It now has grown to more than two thousand acres of developed land, mostly residential. It's population as of 2019 has far exceeded 15,000 people. It's residents require services of all kinds but have little commercial facilities from which they can be dispensed. The need for entrepreneurial and other professional services, as well as an un-met demand for financial institutions, created a business opportunity for an office building to house these service providers. The Galindo office building was built in 2003 to provide a home for these kinds of businesses.

The stunning four-story architectural form of the building represents two diamond crystals jutting out of the ground, one inside the other. The interior crystal extends through the top of the exterior, creating the landmark structure of the whole area. Its materials are two-tone reflective glass, steel and granite, lending to the building a signature profile in the Bryan College Station community. In addition to being the headquarters for the Galindo Group, about thirty thousand square feet of air-conditioned space house entrepreneurial, builders, accounting, legal and banking providers. The building is part of a plaza-like development that also includes the freestanding glass and steel building for Tru-fit Health Fitness Center, formerly Aerofit Health annd Fitness Center, another Galindo Group development.

The building contains a section dedicated to executive single offices that operate with a short term or month to month leases providing high speed internet by wire and wireless, copier, scanning, fax and other clerical needs. They are ideal for fledgling businesses, writers, retired persons needing a part time private office, researchers, etc.

Executive Office Suites

Floor plan of executive offices with areas of each.

For floor plans and prices please call 979-823-1920 or email
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