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Experience and Capabilities
The capabilities of the Galindo Group companies are defined by the educational and professional experience of Ramiro Galindo and his associates.

This function provides organization and execution specific real estate ventures through:

  • Real Estate Development Planning & Design
  • Project Financing
  • Construction Management
    • Residential
    • Multi-family
    • Commercial
  • Rental Property Management

This function occurs by defining a business concept and gathering the talent and capital necessary to carry out the concept.

  • Banking Institions.
  • Health Fitness Clubs.
  • Apartment Management.
  • Industrial Startups (Tin Base Alloys, Silver Replica Coins).
  • Consulting Engineering.
  • Business Turn-arounds

This capability provides service in policy enacting and broad direction boards.

  • Banking Institions.
  • Higher Education Institutions.
  • Water Management Districts.
  • Hospital Organizations.
  • Political Research and Think-tanks.
  • Health Fitness Industry Associations.
  • Other for Profit Enterprises.