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Businesses Created
Company Created / Year Nature of Business Client / Investor
Silver Coin Replicas (2019) Industrializing Silver Ramiro Galindo, Vrsalovic and Son
Regency Towers, Inc. (2019) High-end Condo Towers Ramiro Galindo and Associates
Regency Gardens Venture Ltd. (2013) Apartment complex Ramiro Galindo and Associates
Dominion Oaks Inc. (2011) Real Estate Development Ramiro Galindo & Associates
The Bank and Trust of BCS (2010) Community Bank Merger of Texas Enterprise Bank and Bank & Trust of Del Rio
Texas Enterprise Bank (2006) Community Bank Investor group led by James Leininger and Ramiro Galindo
Galindo Office Building Ltd.(2003) Professional office building Galindo family
Royal Oaks Gardens Ltd. (1999) Apartment complex Investor group led by the Galindo family
Middle Brook Gardens Venture, Ltd. (1996) Apartment complex Investor group led by the Galindo family
Aerofit Royal Oaks (1995) Health fitness Ramiro and Cid Galindo
West University Venture, Ltd. (1994) Apartment complex Investor group led by the Krog family
DeCoty Coffee Company (1989) Coffee roaster and allied products Ducote family
Aerofit Villa Maria (1984) Health fitness Galindo family
Spring Heights Limited Partnership (1983) Multi-housing for rent Various investors
Western National Bank (1982) Community Bank W.W. Callan, Jarvis Porter, Jarvis Miller, Frank Thurmond, Ramiro Galindo and other investors.
Galindo-Wood, Inc. (1981)
Multi-purpose real estate development J.W. Wood and Ramiro Galindo
Galindo Interests, Limited (1978) Investment Company Galindo Family
R.A. Galindo, Inc. (1978) Business Management Company Ramiro Galindo
Villa West Services, Inc. (1976) Municipal services Ramiro Galindo and Frank McFarland
Brazos Co. Municipal District No. 1 Municipal services Investor group led by Lee Lowery Ph.D.
Bera de Bolivia (1975)
Non-ferrous metal alloys Paul Bergsoe & Son and East Asiatic Company
Braver Corp., Inc. (1974) Real estate development Investor group led by Lee Lowery, Ph.D. and Ramiro Galindo
ALBOL, Ltda. (1972)
Tin alloys Boris Zorotovic and Ramiro Galindo
Danish Mortgage Investments (1971) Mortgage financing Ramiro A. Galindo
Galindo Engineering (1969) Consulting engineering and investments Ramiro A. Galindo
Consultores Galindo, Ltda. (1964) Consulting engineering Ramiro A. Galindo and his father Eudoro Galindo