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Property Management

First Venture Property Management was founded in 1981 by Cid Galindo as an affiliate of The Galindo Group. It has grown to become a substantial operator of multifamily and commercial properties. First Venture's goals are focused on shaping the properties into communities that are recognized by name, maintaining a reputation for quality living or use, and increasing the value of the owners' investment in each property. Since 2007, First Venture Properties expanded its mission to manage residential and commercial properties owned by third parties, thus extending the triangle formed by BCS, Houston and Austin.

Experienced management teams meet the daily challenges through careful planning, quality maintenance programs, and effective analysis and control of all operations. In addition to properties controlled by the Galindo Group, First Venture Property Management operates currently or has done so in the past other properties belonging to third party unrelated owners.

West University Gardens is a 128 unit apartment complex developed and built by R. A. Galindo, Inc. This appealing, contemporary complex is located in Bryan, Texas very close to Texas A&M Veterinary, Medical and Business Schools. It offers a variety of quality amenities.

Royal Oaks Gardens is a 192 unit type A complex set in the middle of an old forest in Bryan, Texas. Its numerous amenities include elevator, covered parking & a full service Aerofit fitness club. Both facilities were developed on a campus layout to complement each other.

Galindo Office Building is a stunning office structure of close to 30,000 sq. ft. class A space. It serves professional needs in the southwest district of Bryan. Located in the newest part of town the growing West Villa Maria corridor, Galindo Office Building features a fully built out clinic, executive suites, and houses an impressive branch of the Bank and Trust of BCS. It is very conviently located to the new TAMU Health Science Center and the spin off companies it has engendered.