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R.A. Galindo, Inc.
Bera Solder

A knack for identifying and defining market opportunities and his ability to do something about them are at the base of Ramiro Galindo's success in new business creation. Starting in 1964 with the delivery of engineering services to developing countries and the provision of solder wire from Bolivia to our U.S. domestic industry, foreign and local opportunities were transformed by this vision into prosperous businesses.

The health fitness wave that overtook the country in the early1980s and continues to grow unabated provided one of the sparks for the establishment of the Aerofit Clubs concept.

The need for financial services that every developer experiences was the genesis for entry into the banking industry.

A demand for multi-family housing detected while doing primary land development launched the property management division.

The invitaton to rescue a foundering industrial company originated activities in the business turn-around arena.

New identified market needs continue to seed the company's entrepreneurial spirit.